We want to live in a world where fire is no longer a risk and threat to humanity. We believe this is possible by empowering young people to be FireED Leaders with the skills to live more safely and the tools to help others achieve the same positive results.

The FireED Interactive System​

Save Lives / Save Money with The FireED Interactive System designed for people of all ages to learn how NOT to become victims of fire. Subscribe and gain access to the world’s most advanced training, technology and teaching resources for reducing the financial and devastating societal impact caused by fire injury, loss, and fatalities.

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Who We Are

We’re the FireED Interactive Community Inc., a growing social enterprise that’s focused on one goal: Reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by preventable fires. FireED has the knowledge, tools, technology, and most importantly, the capability to engage the public in the endeavor to save more lives and property through education.


  •  Fully Involved Teaching Tools

    Fully Involved Teaching Tools

  •  Education Curriculum For All Ages

    Education Curriculum For All Ages

  •  Community Safety Facilitator Training

    Community Safety Facilitator Training

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    Crowdfunding Support Tools

  •  Media Attended Learning Events

    Media Attended Learning Events

  •  Presenters and Keynote Speakers

    Presenters and Keynote Speakers

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What we do

We’re social proof of over 20 years commitment to experimentation and learning in the field of fire and life safety, involving experienced educators, laypersons, and fire officers. That hard-earned pedigree means FireED can help you and your community with the tools and technology to overcome the “4 Barriers to Effective Fire and Life Safety Education Programs”:

1. Lack of qualified trainers;
2. Lack of quality teaching resources; 
3. Lack of funding to develop quality teaching resources; and 
4. Lack of personnel to deliver programs to target audiences.

This experimentation and learning continues today because of this; the FireED Community Risk Reduction Network (FCRRN). The hub for educators, parents, firefighters and the general public to share experiences and exchange ideas. And do it from anywhere on the planet!

How You Can Help Too

Do you want to help? It may be enough that you inform yourself about how to prevent fires and act to improve and protect your environment. If you still want to do more you can join our community and talk with your friends and family about the importance of prevention. FireED is designed at its core as a great social enterprise that involves everyone, giving them the power to contribute their knowledge, experiences and passion to achieve a change in the landscape of the fight against preventable fires. That means every little step you take is a step everyone in the community takes towards social change.

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