Fire Marshal WOWS Lion’s Club with FireED Fully Involved Teaching Tool

Show a great resource to 40 Lions and here’s what happens (in Elko Nevada)

Fire Marshal Joshua Carson took the FireED Fully Involved Teaching Tool “for a burn” at his fire department in Elko City Nevada. While trialing the resource, he decided to present to the local Lion’s Club and also to his colleagues at the Fire Prevention Association of Nevada.

Joshua and crews had use of the resource for a 60 day trial period. All through the trial period the crews set FireED up at various events in the city including forestry week presentations. On April 19th, 2016, Joshua presented FireED to the members of the Elko Lions Club and shortly after he was granted the funding to purchase the FireED Teaching Tool. Here’s what Joshua had to say about the Lion’s Club presentation:

“I conducted a presentation for a group of approximately 40 Lions Club members on April 19. The group was very receptive to the program and I expect some formal feedback in the upcoming days! The presentation included a 15 minute overview of the FireED Teaching Tool showcasing each scene and the opportunity to discuss hazards and risk reduction related to each. The crowd was pleased with its diversity on issues related to fire prevention and residential risk reduction. I am gaining ground on fundraising, and hope to achieve our goal soon! As of today we have had three financial contributions.”

Joshua Carson, Fire Marshal (ret.)

In July 2016 the order was placed and the FireED Fully Involved Teaching Tool was shipped to the firefighters at Elko City Fire Department in Nevada. Since this date they have received reports that the kids are enjoying learning from the interactive teaching tool that helps them get fully involved in the fire safety lessons. The firefighters seem to be equally as excited having this great resource for helping deliver the important safety messages this way!

Stories with happy endings we love to hear because at FireED we know that kids need this education that they are not being taught and school or in most homes. Also, these little guys are pretty quick to get glazed over at boring presentations and lectures. So isn’t it a great day when you know the take away is life saving lessons that kids remember and apply at home?

We would like to thank Fire Captain James Johnston for staying in touch with us here at FireED and sharing these awesome pictures of firefighters interacting with the kids through the FireED Fully Involved Teaching Tool.

About the author: Robert Avsec

I'm a retired fire department battalion chief (26 years on the job!) who's embarked upon a 2nd career as a freelance writer. One of my passions as a writer is combining my fire service experience with my writing ability to promote the need for effective fire and life safety education, especially for children.

One of my most passionate positions is that too many fire departments continue to have a fire suppression focus and not near enough of a fire prevention focus. Responding to fires after they occur has been, is, and always will be a losing end-game. Fire departments must "up their game" to address the public fire and life safety education of children and adults in their communities so that every citizen has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to avoid becoming the victim of a preventable fire.

My writings appear on: my blog, Talking "Shop" 4 Fire and EMS; and

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