Training Firefighters as Fire Prevention Social Entrepreneurs


Thousands of people die in preventable house fires every year. Look to the new way of saving lives through the FireED Community!

There is no denying the passion firefighters have for saving lives and property. But fire department budget cuts make public education a rarity for many communities. Staffing shortages and limited access to quality resources, are all issues that could be the underlying reason behind the “fire problem.” FireED training firefighters as fire prevention social entrepreneurs, is a solution to seriously consider, before more people die!

There are millions of social changemakers doing good all over the world but the potential for vastly restoring community life safety begins with the combination of civilian social entrepreneur mentors for firefighters. Whether on my podcast The Voices Of Social Change, through my work with startup social entrepreneurs, or consulting with social ventures, I’ve seen firsthand what it means to be on the front lines of social change. Firefighters CAN make a WORLD of difference.

-Joshua Schukman, founder of Social Change Nation

Most firefighters struggle with the fact of fires killing thousands of people every year, and harming children by the millions…

….And fires are PREVENTABLE, making this is the identifiable societal issue that FireED is taking a stand for. It’s time we begin to unravel why it is so important for community to take a HUGE leap of faith and public safety agencies embrace the meaning behind the FireED Community’s social change mission. That is to bring social change and social entrepreneurship into the way we teach people of all ages how NOT to become victims of fire.

Discover why firefighter social entrepreneurs need to fight the good fight and change the public education landscape, FOR GOOD.

Tune in to my Voices of Social Change podcast to listen to an incredibly inspiring interview with firefighter Joe Kelly. Learn universal lessons on working with your heart and NEVER taking no for an answer! Find out if this makes YOU want to join the FireED mission NOW.

It takes quite a passionate influencer for social change to truly impress upon me but this mission to eliminate preventable fires needs a world of change agents to make a difference. When I met Tracy and Joe I immediately saw the struggle to raise awareness of this incredible life saving mission led by the social change agents at FireED.

Follow the FireED Community Podcast a no-holds-barred approach to creating a new wave for the way prevention education is delivered to communities. Want an interview? Got content? We can rework relevant subject matter into the growing collection of FireED Interactive System deliverables.

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