Firefighters Paving the Pub Ed Highway

Circumstances are changing with the fire service and new teaching resources make it easy for firefighters paving the pub ed highway!

Fire-ED lost child

Firefighters paving the pub ed highway require proper training to teach life skills that our community’s children desperately need. Kids lack strong role models and don’t know how to take care of themselves or each other. They miss out on opportunities to learn to develop as responsible contributors to society.

Fire-ED is a social impact business that brings proven fire and life safety curriculum and new approaches to train firefighters in the endeavor to mentor and teach kids well. For as we know, when we don’t provide proper behavior skills training for children the result can be horrendous!

Firefighters are seeing first hand the failure of our system to teach these kids properly. Thousands of kids in burn camps, fire deaths that could have been prevented and destroyed families all because we fail to bring proven fire prevention education to their children. Circumstances in the fire service are changing and old school ways of thinking and teaching have to change to meet the critical need for saving kids from preventable fire tragedies.

Tragically, so many existing public education programs do not do the job the way we are lead to believe.

Evidently, recent coroner’s inquests into fire deaths and injury claim the number of children dying in preventable fires is unacceptable. The Office of The Chief Coroner in British Columbia and Ontario made recommendations stating the critical need for sound public education programs to be developed. 

Fire-ED has the programs readily available and can save the fire service hundred’s of thousands of dollars and years of time to research and develop the required resources.

And we have the human capitol needed to educate more often (than just once per year at fire prevention week). Firefighters already have a strong and deeply rooted desires to save lives and property. Together with Fire-ED we can fix societal issues like the “fire problem” while saving lives and restoring community.

The fire problem is massive thus fire safety should be part of the school curriculum in communities worldwide. Keep in mind the number of firefighter’s lives that are at risk every time they respond to one of these preventable home fires. Now read these firefighter fatalities stats and think of how public education could have avoided these tragic losses.

To put and end to preventable fire tragedy we need MORE PEOPLE to embrace Fire-ED’s innovative public education initiatives.

Firefighters paving the pub ed highwayThe Fire-ED Interactive Community supports the fire service’s efforts to make communities safer places to live. Fire-ED gives firefighters, and anyone who wants to assist, the training, teaching tools, technology, a solid community involvement strategy and ongoing support.

Time plays in heavily and booking educational sessions can be a challenge when firefighters are on active duty and taking emergency calls. The Fire-ED Interactive System makes life easy for everyone!

Fire-ED faces any challenge head on and loves to intrigue the most reluctant firefighters who confess they are just not that interested in performing public education duties.

While hosting fun days and public events can be a lot of fun for everyone, some firefighters may confess they are just not that interested in performing public education duties. Some will say they are not quite sold on sifting through binders of printed material, dressing up in mascots, and giving out plastic fire helmets. While we’re not saying ban mascots, this is “edutainment” that kids enjoy. It is important for firefighters to receive proper training and also realize what true public education is.

The Fire-ED Interactive System is the tool firefighters will love and use!

  • It’s taught year round (and it is easy for firefighters to pick up on it)
  • It’s interactive for the kids – so they get the full educational benefit
  • It’s empowering – kids who graduate from the program become teachers themselves and serve as role models to their peers
  • It’s fun for the kids AND the firefighters too (you have to keep it fun if you want it to stick for all of us on the learning and teaching end!)
  • It’s community engagement through technology – through use of social media tools, a Facebook for firefighters and the community they serve
  • It’s stats – Most current systems of teaching are not scalable or tracking the results. The Fire-ED LMS is a robust reporting system for tracking learning outcomes and providing results to national databases.

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