Why "Fire Culture" Should Matter To Us All

  • Why "Fire Culture" Should Matter To Us All

  • Tracy Last

    08/02/2019 at 6:31 PM

    Dr. Burton Clark and I had a few conversations on what he writes and speaks about, The American Fire Culture. It was a breath of fresh air to speak with someone within the fire service about issues that really need to be cleared up in order to let social change makers, like those of us in the FireED community, do our work to make the world a safer place one preventable fire at a time. Well in all my years researching this industry, trying to patch up broken public education systems, and create new systems, it has been quite an eye opener to consistently hit brick walls and get nowhere with decision makers. Long story, but stick around and get a grip on what’s happening to use as a society being heavily affected by preventable fires, not just within the home, but those wildfires that are burning hotter, faster and more often. We can achieve our goal to change stuck paradigms and blaze new public education pathways with FireED!

    “Society needs to change how it thinks and feels about fire death. When a civilian is killed by fire it is not an act of God, and when a firefighter is killed it is not part of the job. When there is a fire death something went wrong.” ~Dr. Burton Clark

    This group and all we are learning from it, is made possible by fire service professionals and volunteers, who have the same vision as the people of the FireED Community. Special thanks to Dr. Burton Clark (a FireED member), for all of his shared wisdom on the subject matter, and offering us access to his material for creating lessons we can redistribute to our FireED Community Risk Reduction Network members.


    I Can’t Save You, But I’ll Die Trying: The American Fire Culture is a collection of essays representing years of fire-service experience including operations, prevention, education, safety, leadership, culture, and philosophy giving readers, both civilian and firefighters, a new understanding of our fire culture. The book reveals important changes society must make to provide a more fire-safe environment for firefighters and the public.

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