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Jug, PhD





College Professor and Independent Consultant

Company, Cause, Fire Dept

FireED Interactive Community Inc.

Why FireED Matters to You?

Innovative, agile mindset oriented organizations, like FireED Interactive, are key stakeholders to reduce fire risks in communities. It is my passion to link together fire prevention, and social entrepreneurship where I believe lies endless opportunities. My role as Senior Global Adviser at FireED allows me to apply my knowledge and skills alongside equally passionate social entrepreneurs. Together we have the means to generate awareness through prevention campaigns and motivate people to change their safety attitude and behaviors.

As a fire prevention focused social entrepreneur and scholar I am positive that with social entrepreneurship it is possible to change safety awareness through social business models, and proven prevention campaigns that motivate people to change their safety attitude. Without this, poor safety increases risks and consequently vulnerability to falling below the poverty level. My capability: fire prevention, fire risk assessment, social entrepreneurship, social business, community resilience, long distance running and motorcycle riding.