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Why FireED Matters to You?

Hi! I’m Alex Panagis, I met FireED CEO Tracy Last in a Facebook group where Tracy posted a request for assistance with the FireED Community website. I checked in and offered some pro bono service and guidance. This is a fantastic project with a global outreach to teach people of all ages, especially children and young people, how to be fire safe individuals in life. And important social change mission like this, that is grass roots and in startup mode, is worth investing time in. It’s all for the common good of all people. And this world surely needs more ambassadors for eliminating preventable fires, which is a major contributor to the climate crisis.

If you want to say hi 👋 or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. I am the  the entrepreneur who has been creating content and working with businesses all over the world to redefine their marketing since the age of 11.
This all started back in 2011 when I launched a website called The Photography Blog. Within a short period of time, I had the opportunity to work with awesome companies like Think Tank Photo and Punkt. Think Tank photo is renowned for their popular, high-quality camera bags, and Punkt is known for their minimalist un-smart™ phone to help people take a step away from their stressful life on the internet.

During this time, I began consulting for the premier local publication in Bahrain. I worked with them to manage their transition from a print-only publication to one that is now both print and digital. This data migration, together with my monthly segment analyzing upcoming technologies, allowed me to explore the latest innovations in computer science and electrical engineering.

Part of this transition involved coaching existing employees on new social media strategies and personally managing the publication’s Facebook and Instagram presence, with now over 143,000 likes on Facebook.

I still continue to consult for the publication to assist them in their ongoing battle to emerge in the digital world in a geographical region which is highly focused on print magazines.