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California Fire Museum

Why FireED Matters to You?

45+ Years in the Fire Service, 30+ as Field Command Chief Officer. Most of my career was with Orange County Fire, in Orange County California. Several short years of work with Mammoth Lakes FD, and Los Angeles County Fire on a Handcrew. Currently semi-retired, but remain on a US National Type 1 Incident Management Team as an Operations Branch Director. Most importantly to this group, I am the President of the California Fire Museum and Safety Learning Center, a non-profit organization that is working towards building a 30,000 sq. ft. state of the art, interactive Safety Learning Center, and Fire Museum, where we will educate the public of all ages about the Life Safety Hazards they encounter every day of their lives, and how to safely deal with these, to prevent death or injury. Interspersed in the interactive safety venues will be the Fire Museum components, which will educate the public about the rich history and heritage of the Fire Services in Southern California,