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Chief Fire Prevention Officer

Company, Cause, Fire Dept

FireED Interactive Community Inc.

Why FireED Matters to You?

Duncan Rydall has been in the fire service industry 18 years and was working in an industrial occupation as a fire safety instructor for 10 years prior to the fire service. Working through the ranks as a volunteer firefighter Duncan attained a Deputy Chief position within the volunteer ranks. Hired to a career department Duncan worked as a Fire Inspector and quickly moved up the ranks to his current position as Chief Fire Prevention Officer. As a whole we all need to take fire and life safety education far more seriously! One in four persons will at some time experience a fire in their home. Education is key and the FireED Interactive System is the right toolkit to get the job done. A firefighter wouldn’t battle a fire without the right safety clothing and tools and equipment. Having access to cutting edge interactive tools to educate the public will help get the job done right if we utilize FireED!