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Why FireED Matters to You?

Hey there!  I’m Josh, and I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer at SCN.  A quick bit about me – I became a change agent the ripe age of 18 when my then college dreams (rushing off to the big city and becoming the next Matt Damon!) collapsed through a series of rejection letters from theatre colleges… for an 18 year old small town kid with big dreams, this was about as crushing a blow as I could’ve imagined. But it became the single thing that has shaped my destiny and my path. You see, as a result of those rejections, I was redirected to a year of service through City Year. Assigned to Cleveland, OH I was confronted with poverty and inequality like nothing I had ever witnessed in my tiny Kansas town…the experience drastically changed me. I refused to forget the lessons I learned that year, and they have continued to thread through each and every experience I’ve had since then. And that’s why I exist today – that is my mission in life. Why am I here? I’m here to help build a community – a NATION of sold out change agents who are shifting the course of this world through their businesses, their work, their for purpose organizations and any other networks that folks are using to change the world. How does that happen? I create podcast interviews with business that makes a dollar AND a difference. From those podcasts, I develop all kinds of resources (books, classes, webinars, anything this nation finds helpful) so that you can become an agent of change in the way that fits you. So, now you know why I’m here – you should also know that I love Ben and Jerry’s Phish food Ice Cream, am an eternal optimist, wannabe triathlete, soon to be holder of a PhD, lover of food, adventurer, and a fiend for good times with family and friends (preferably over great coffee or wine).