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Paying it forward by writing and speaking about important fire service issues and topics!

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Why FireED Matters to You?

The death or serious injury to a child from a fire has a profound impact on more than just the victim’s immediate family. The repercussions reverberate throughout the community affecting among others: family and friends; schoolmates and teachers; and the first responders who answered the call. When a preventable fire claims a child or seriously burns a child, it calls into question our ability as a community to protect the most vulnerable among us. To that end I’m delighted to share my expertise and passion for prevention with the FireED Community, the future of fire and life safety education worldwide. FireED Interactive has the best offering of top shelf training, teaching tools, and technology to improve communications. During my 1st Career as a battalion chief I responded to far too many emergencies involving children, fires, and the negative consequences that resulted. As a civilian population, for the most, we don’t appreciate the true danger that fires present to our families. When the fact is fire department’s across North America struggle to meet demands for service in the face of decreasing budgets, reductions in the number of firefighters available for response.

I’m a retired fire department battalion chief (26 years on the job!) who’s embarked upon a 2nd career as a freelance writer. One of my passions as a writer is combining my fire service experience with my writing ability to promote the need for effective fire and life safety education, especially for children.

One of my most passionate positions is that too many fire departments continue to have a fire suppression focus and not near enough of a fire prevention focus. Responding to fires after they occur has been, is, and always will be a losing end-game.

Fire departments must “up their game” to address the public fire and life safety education of children and adults in their communities so that every citizen has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to avoid becoming the victim of a preventable fire.

My writings appear on: my blog, Talking “Shop” 4 Fire and EMS; and