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My name is Tracy Last and I am the Founder/CEO of FireED. About 30 years ago I began selling fire and life safety education materials. Products like stickers, pencils, plastic fire hats and balloons are commonly purchased by fire departments, and given to children attending their safety lectures. In these years I learned a lot from my fire dept clientele, like how these products are more “nice to have” than they are educational. Goodies can be used to reinforce a safety lesson when brought home to show and tell parents. Though as children grow, so does the requirement for age appropriate education. I found this to be fascinating subject thus began my journey to research, and eventually develop, the FireED Interactive System. …My Story


Introduction to the FireED Interactive System

With its unique auditory, visual and tactile benefits, the FireED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool is the perfect resource for all age groups, and learning styles, to learn how NOT to become victims of fire. Here’s the key, anyone (not just fire service educators) can consider volunteer or employment opportunities with FireED. Finally, trainees, spectators, or anyone who cares like we do, may join the FCRRN (FireED Community Risk Reduction Network), the sustainable engagement tool that keeps the learning cycle going all year long.

Created by Community for Community

It’s All Systems Check at FireED! As a social enterprise we have invested our own personal time, and financial resources, to develop the FireED Interactive System! Now all community members get to reap the benefits of this game-changing, diverse and inclusive platform. Find out why the FireED Community of social change makers are so passionate! Learn how we roll as social entrepreneurs for fire and life safety education.


By no means is it acceptable for even one person to die, become injured, or lose their home to a fire that could have been prevented. In North America alone, at least 3000 people die in house fires every year! And the fire service, traditionally responsible for educating the public, needs help to get the education to the people. We have done the R and D and have the readily available resources. Through our FireED Crowdfunding efforts we will be able to continue to grow and create, train more people and impact more lives.

Fine Print

Every $5000.00 raised will be used to soft launch a FireED Community. With this funding we will send in a Strike Team to be on site for a full day of facilitating a FireED Interactive Learning Event. This will involve Community Safety Facilitator training for 2 people and Home Safety Ambassador Training for up to 100 kids, PLUS virtual mentoring for life! Also included will be skills testing, exams and FireED Community Inc certificates of completion. Students learning outcomes will be gathered and available for reporting. Community stakeholder participation is vital to keep FireED operational and sustainable all year, every year.

Hey Kids Ready to Roll?

Tracy Last Chief Innovation Officer at FireED

We’re on our way…………RRRRrrrrrrrRRRR……WooooWOOOO…..HONNNNNK

FireED Fully Involved Teaching Tool In Action

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 36 cm