Real heroes prevent fires

Real heroes prevent fires and that can be you

Let’s face it – real heroes prevent fires!

The stories we see in mainstream media today are about fires and some of our firefighter heroes. In late March the Vancouver Sun reported on a father and son firefighter team who contained a fire at a local bakery; they prevented the fire from spreading to other buildings. Though we need more civilian heroes, those who prevent fires from happening at all.

When a three-alarm fire broke out at 1443 West Broadway in the early morning hours on Sunday, Battalion Chief Dale Parno didn’t know his 29-year-old son Matt would also be on the call — but he knew it was a possibility.

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Hardly do we see reports on average citizens who’ve educated and prepared themselves to prevent fires from happening in the community around them. While we might not always get a gold-star-studded certificate in fire safety and preparedness, rest assured, heroes aren’t always the ones in firefighting gear and helmets.

If you’ve got a millennial in your family or are one yourself, you might be familiar with the term “influencer.” This generally refers to a figure who has a lot of followers on social media, and therefore has enough influence to change the behaviour of those followers.

I’m under the belief that we’re all influencers in some way – and you don’t need the followership to prove it.

Are all of your family members and close friends armed with fire prevention education?

Perhaps you haven’t talked to them about it. This could be the starting point for YOUR influence as a Fire Safety Public Relations Star and FireED Community Safety Facilitator.

Are you and your family members prepared for preventing fires in your own homes ? Once your immediate circle is prepared for a fire, you’ll want to educate your neighbours, and other groups like seniors or youth in your community. This is how we’ll create a movement of real fire and life safety heroes.

If you haven’t yet taken FireED’s Community Safety Facilitator Curriculum, consider doing that – and if you have, share it with your loved ones. Consider gifting the course to them on their next birthday – there’s no better gift than safety and self-assurance that you’re prepared for a fire!

If you want to go beyond your community and become an ambassador for fire safety, take the Be Your Own Fire Safety PR Star course, which will arm you for talking to media outlets, influencers, and larger groups or audiences.

Fire safety education isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement for real heroism in your community. It might be an invisible cape, but you can wear it proudly!

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At the age of 25, Sandra Nomoto founded a Public Relations firm and was awarded the 2009 Volunteer of the Year by Women In Film & Television Vancouver. In 2012, her agency focused on telling the stories of purpose-driven businesses, and became the fourth PR firm in Canada to earn B Corporation® certification in 2016. Nomoto now mentors with Women’s Enterprise Centre and serves on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Mural Festival. She lives in East Vancouver with her husband and launched her first book, The Only Public Relations Guide You'll Ever Need, in 2019.

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