We want to live in a world where fire is no longer a risk and threat to humanity. We believe this is possible by empowering young people to be FireED Leaders, with the skills to live more safely, and the tools to help others achieve the same positive results.

A shocking reality is that almost 3,000 people die in preventable house fires each year!


We are seeing far too many people being injured, losing their homes, or dying in fires that could have been prevented!

More voices are needed to stop fire from devastating the lives of millions of people struggling to survive horrific, yet preventable, burn injuries.

We have witnessed fire and its capability of destroying lives, lands and the environment, and we are not prepared to accept this as the "new normal".

FireED Community Partnerships


Ales Jug, PhD
Ales Jug, PhD
Assistant Professor at Becker College, Social Entrepreneur
Fire prevention implementation failure, and the lack of sustainable solutions, could be a leading cause to the increased number of deadly fires we are seeing today. Poor safety increases risks and consequently vulnerability to falling below the poverty level. The FireED Interactive System is a readily available solution to advance public education profiles for any fire department or community. With its unique social business model FireED brings a systematic and sustainable approach to help reduce the devastating impact of preventable fires worldwide.
Robert Avsec
Robert Avsec
Executive Fire Officer
The death or serious injury to a child from a fire has a profound impact on more than just the victim’s immediate family. The repercussions reverberate throughout the community affecting among others: family and friends; schoolmates and teachers; and the first responders who answered the call. When a preventable fire claims a child or seriously burns a child, it calls into question our ability as a fire service to protect the most vulnerable among us.
Harry Fast
Harry Fast
Fire Captain (ret.)
It's all about PREVENTION, PROTECTION, PLANNING, and PRACTICE, and it's so easy! As a firefighter, I was devastated at the news of my own uncle having perished in a fire that could have been prevented. I see great value in the FireED mission to educate, because as a fire service we cannot get to everyone! With its Training, Teaching Tools, and Technology, the FireED Interactive System is a reliable resource to help people and communities from becoming impacted by fire!
Duncan Rydall
Duncan Rydall
Chief Fire Prevention Officer
As a whole we all need to take fire and life safety education far more seriously! One in four persons will at some time experience a fire in their home. Education is key and the FireED Interactive System is the right toolkit to get the job done. A firefighter wouldn't battle a fire without the right safety clothing and tools and equipment. Having access to cutting edge interactive tools to educate the public will help get the job done right if we utilize FireED!
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson
Fire strategist and the “peace of mind” expert in fire protection and life safety
Of the three components of fire prevention – engineering, enforcement, and education – we, as a fire service, need to be more mindful of the education component being the most critical factor. Behavior only changes with education, and the fire service, with its limited resources and tight budgets, struggles to meet the demands of educating the public. FireED comes into play as leading the charge in fire prevention education. Community needs this resource.
Pascal Rodier
Pascal Rodier
Paramedic Chief (ret.), Public Safety Leader
Every tragedy in our life is preventable! Though people must be taught to identify hazards, and reduce risks that cause harm. The FireED Community of professionals share a passion to improve public safety by implementing sound education initiatives. More lives will be saved once public educators are equipped with better tools like the FireED Interactive System.
Bob Brotchie
Bob Brotchie
Paramedic (ret.) Business Owner at Anglia Counselling Ltd
Educating individuals, and society, was my life as the paramedic who created the 'In Case of Emergency' (ICE) program. To engender a legacy around our youngest generation, let's aspire them to be more mindful and at peace with themselves so they can make empowered choices. It is plain to see that FireED sits perfectly in its responsible role; engendering of this and future generations. It's the right thing to do for safety awareness, and is a meaningful contribution to society.
Rita Paine
Rita Paine
Captain (ret.). Owner, Instructor, and Curriculum Developer at Point the Way Fire Training and Consulting
Any teaching tools used to help children learn should be engaging, interactive, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It's a bonus to be applicable to all ages, usable in a variety of settings, and easily presented by trained individuals. When I find a tool that meets all this criteria, price becomes secondary. The FireED “Fully Involved” Teaching Tool certainly meets my expectations! I like that firefighters can use it at schools as part of their teaching practicums. Justifying the purchase of FireED is easy, whether it’s to your Fire Chief, community partners, or private funding agencies.

Community Risk Reduction and the FireED Interactive System

Sustainable Systems

Designed for any community to easily adopt, implement, and adapt as needed. The revenue generating "Community Direct Teaching Model" keeps systems functional and operational.

Capacity Building

Combating societal threats, like preventable fires, requires well managed and sustainable systems. Strong administrative teams and supply chains to meet community needs.

Save Money / Save Lives

Playing a vital role assisting fire services to identify and bridge the gaps. Partnering to reduce the financial and devastating societal impact caused by fire injury, loss, and fatalities.

Courses For All Ages

Adaptable course material to help people of all ages learn how NOT to become victims of fire. Metrics tools for measuring, tracking and reporting student's learning outcomes.

Trained Facilitators

Anyone age 18 and up apply to be a FireED Community Safety Facilitator. Professionally developed curriculum. Compliments NFPA 1035 Standard for Fire and Life Safety Educators.

Engaging Teaching Tools

Well constructed, interactive storyboards for engaging kinesthetic, visual, auditory and tactile learners. Solid network of artistic talent, production teams, and distribution channels.

Can your Community Afford NOT to have FireED?

Every year, in North America alone, almost 3000 people die in preventable house fires! Millions more struggle to survive horrific burn injuries. The public needs to be educated of the fire risks and hazards in the home. Watch this short video on how fire chiefs can raise the money and get the whole community involved in FireED!

Give The Gift Of FireED to Your Community!


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